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    BUGFEST 2012!!


    New Year

    I was at the playground with my baby cousin, reading my own comic books and thinking, all of a sudden, bright thoughts.

    I was thinking that for once I knew EXACTLY what to write here.

    But that was WEEKS ago, and I forgot the words of it.

    I still have the shape of it though, so don't worry - I'll do it later.

    In the meantime, a couple of things:

    You may or may not have noticed that this website has been frozen as if by magic, as if this is Narnia or someplace and now we have only dark stillness all around. I'll not bother you with apologies or excuses, because I've used up mine, and besides, isn't it more important to use my powers to wake everything up section by section so we can yawn our way back into life and purpose in the new year? Yes I think so. More on that in 45 seconds.

    Here's one of the things I did while I was gone from here, a CD layout project for Mayimba Music:






















    Also, to recognize this new year and my 29th birthday, I would like to do a small public pledge renewal: Rest assured, dear imaginary readers, we here at Looka Look are going to keep doing our best whether or not anyone sees it, oh heck yeah.

    This is NOT the same thing as not caring whether or not anyone sees it.

    We might wish to find a way to someday monetize our love, or at least to pull in esteem from the world with our gigantic nets. I guess that wanting those things is a requisite for getting them too, but if we're leaving our nets and our guile in the closet we're still bringing our love and wearing it on our heads, and we're unashamed. 

    The wish that goes first is the wish for a few more hours in the day - just 3 or 4 maybe - so that we can DO MORE, and do it better and better.


















    We just found out last night that the Doma Music Series will not go on, having been brought to an untimely end by evil-doers. This is sad Doma, for all of New York City, and for us personally - not only have we thrown in our spare instruments and amplifiers, our pro-bono poster work and our most loved loved ones, but also we really REALLY enjoyed being in the audience every week.

    Just imagine, us culture-loving but home-bodied pre-occupied going-out-averse grumps living in this city of great culture but also great crap getting handed a regular series just down the street that is EXTREMELY GOOD ALL OF THE TIME. It's like a tasting menu on a silver tray, lovingly delivered - all we had to do was show up, no decision making required, no sifting or searching, no risk of disappointment. Because unlike so many things in life, we were guaranteed to be satisfied at the very least, sometimes stupefied with pleasure.

    All of our hearts are a little bit broken.

    Here's a link to an interview given by Ben Perowsky on WBGO, one of the geniuses in the wings (and also most of the time on the stage) of this extraordinary and now defunct experiment, just hours before the gavel fell.

    Thanks Doma, and thanks Ben. We loved it.


    Team Sister







    There's still a lot that we want to do here - it's still not quite humming - but Raph and I got a working model of CarlosMartinCarle.com up for you to peruse and enjoy. We'll keep you updated as the bells all get ringing and the whistles start to whistle. Right now it's a cracker-jack box, but one day it will be a sort of humble Rube Goldberg machine - not the kind that activates ball bearings and robot arms and ends up cooking you breakfast, but another kind of Huff-Carle-Huff analog to that.

    In the meantime, enjoy this tie-in: This is probably our second-to-last Doma Poster, so our not-quite-a-year of scrambling to scrape together creative sign-posts for one of the most unfortunately well-kept secrets in New York is winding down. We're going to try and end it spectacularly, so look out.




    I was with Ava last night, she was anxious to get some serious business accomplished in between homework and dinner. She'd already made an impressively accurate bird's-eye map of her apartment, but I was busy pushing along the mundane aspects of our evening, clocking by minutes and half minutes to achieve appropriate bedtime like a good steward. It was only when I proposed that we play a dice game for seven and three quarters minutes and she said almost tearily "But we still haven't done any goblin hunting yet" that I caught on. Then I made some quick little goblin drawings and we shook them on the map. We peeked behind amplifiers and inside of rain boots and near the lizard's tank - all highly likely goblin hiding spots - but we didn't find anybody. There were some strange goblin-ish occurances though in the meantime, but our search was not so rigorous.

    Next week Ava is going on an overnight field trip with her school. In an ingenious stroke by the teachers, they have each student come with sealed envelopes with letters from their parents, one for each night they're away. Ava insisted that it wasn't just for parents though, babysitters could do it too. So, in my usual last-minute-before-the-last-minute way, I made these: